Stephen Brook

About Stephen Brook

Stephen Brook is a distinguished author of numerous books on travel, wine, and other subjects, as well as an award-winning wine journalist. He was born in London in 1947, studied at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in English Literature in 1969, and then worked until 1976 in Boston, Massachusetts. There was he was an editor for the Atlantic Monthly Magazine and two local publishing houses. After his return to England, he pursued a career in publishing, as a commissioning editor for Routledge, Kegan, & Paul (1976-1980), and subsequently for Harvester Press. In 1982 he became a full-time writer.

Since then Stephen Brook has written many books on travel, both guide books and more personal accounts. He has also compiled anthologies, and written numerous books on wine, especially on the wines of Bordeaux and California. He contributes articles regularly to four international wine magazines, lectures on wine at Christie’s Education in London, and is in demand as a guest judge at wine competitions around the world.

He lives in London with his wife Maria and two cats.